Vegetable Research & Information Center, UC Cooperative Extension

Organization and Administration

The Vegetable Research and Information Center will interface with, receive its strength from, and serve four primary groups:

The Center is housed in the Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis. Staff consists of a Director (50% time) and an Program Representative.

An external Advisory Committee consisting of 10-20 diverse individuals representing major commodities, related industries, organizations, agencies, and interest groups assist in identifying, prioritizing and addressing issues, problems and audiences. It also reviews, asseses and critiquse research and extension programs and priorities.

A Steering Committee composed of representatives from the campuses, departments, and counties having AES or Extension personnel involved in the Center will advise the Director, meet with the Advisory Committee and serve as a mechanism for communication with and input from all participating groups within the UC system.

The Vegetable Research and Information Center is a service unit dedicated to communication, coordination and leadership in all areas of UC involvement in vegetable biology, production, handling, marketing and consumption. It is a focal point for vegetable information and issues for clientele both inside and outside the University system. For further information, contact the Director:

or the

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