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Potato Workgroup

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Ron Voss, Chair

UCD Vegetable Crops

Jose Aguiar

UCCE Indio Office

Cindi Anderson

Nematology Extension

Mohammed Azhar


Aziz Baameur

UCCE Santa Clara County

Warren Bendixen

UCCE Santa Barbara County

Kent Bradford

UCD Vegetable Crops

Marita Cantwell

UCD Vegetable Crops

Harry Carlson


Bill Chaney

UCCE Monterey County

Michael Coffey

UCR Plant Pathology

Mike Davis

UCD Plant Pathology

Jim Farrar


Mark Gaskell

UCCE Santa Barbara County

Deborah Giraud

UCCE Humboldt/Del Norte County

Larry Godfrey


Steve Grattan

UCD Land, Air and Water Resources

Phil Hamm


Shermain Hardesty

UCD Ag Economics

Tim Hartz

UCD Vegetable Crops

Manuel Jimenez

UCCE Tulare County

Don Kirby

UC Intermountain Research Center

Franklin Laemmlen

UCCE Santa Barbara County

Michelle LeStrange

UCCE Tulare County

Pete Livingston

UCCE Ag & Resource Economics

Ramiro Lobo

UCCE San Diego County

Dan Marcum

UCCE Shasta/Lassen County

Milt McGiffen

UCR Botany & Plant Science

Richard Molinar

UCCE Fresno County

Roland Meyer

LAWR Extension

Bob Mullen

UCCE San Joaquin County

Joe Nunez

UCCE Kern County

Steve Orloff

UCCE Siskiyou County

Herb Phillips

UCD Vegetable Crops

Antoon Ploeg

UC Riverside

Carlos Quiros

UCD Vegetable Crops

David Rizzo

UCD Plant Pathology

Clinton Shock


Richard Smith

UCCE Monterey County

Eta Takele

UCCE Area Farm Advisor, Southern Region

Herman Timm

UCD Vegetable Crops

Nick Toscano

UCR Entomology

Paul Vossen

UCCE Sonoma County

Becky Westerdahl

UCD Nematology

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