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1996 UC Vegetable Crops Continuing Conference

December 9-11, 1996

This annual in-service conference for University personnel with vegetable crops responsibilities was held December 1-3, 1997 at the University Recreation Pool Lodge on the UC Davis campus.
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December 9-11, 1996
University Club
University of California, Davis
Monday, December 9
10 am Processing Tomato Clubroom 1
1 pm Potato Clubroom 1
Fresh Market Tomato Clubroom 2
3 pm Pepper Clubroom 1
Specialty Crops Clubroom 2
5 pm Asparagus Clubroom 1
Onion Clubroom 2
Tuesday, December 10
8 am Cucurbits Clubroom 1
Cool Season Crops Clubroom 2
Conference 10:30 am- 5:00 pm
10:30 am Introduction
10:40 am Vegetable Research & Information Center
VRIC Website - Wayne Schrader, Farm Advisor, UCCE San Diego County
VRIC: Status & Issues - Ron Voss, Extension Specialist & Director of VRIC, Vegetable Crops, UCD
11:45-1:00 pm LUNCH - University Club
1:00 pm VRIC Publications Update - Michelle LeStrange, Farm Advisor, UCCE Tulare County
Farm Advisor/ Specialist / Faculty Updates
1:30 pm West Side On-farm Demonstration Project Overview - Jeff Mitchell, Extension Specialist, Vegetable Crops, UCD (Kearney Ag. Center)
1:50 pm Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics in Vegetable Fields - Louise Jackson, Assoc. Professor, Vegetable Crops, UCD
2:10 pm Using Pre-sidedressing Soil Nitrate Testing to Guide N Application - Tim Hartz, Extension Specialist, Vegetable Crops, UCD
2:30 pm Field Storage of Processing Tomato - Don May, Farm Advisor, UCCE Fresno County
2:50-3:10 pm BREAK
3:10 pm Sweet Onion Trials on the Central Coast - Mark Gaskell, Farm Advisor, UCCE Santa Barbara County
3:30 pm Southeast Asian Vegetable Culture - Richard Molinar, Farm Advisor, UCCE Fresno County
3:50 pm Causes and Prevention of Browning in Lettuce -Mikal Saltveit, Professor, Vegetable Crops, UCD
4:10 pm Fresh-cut Vegetable Quality - Marita Cantwell, Extension Specialist, Vegetable Crops, UCD
6:00 pm SOCIAL HOUR with Specialty Vegetable Tasting (No host bar)
7:00-9:00 pm BANQUET - University Club
Speaker: Sustainability - Past, Present & Future, Bill Liebhardt, Director, UC Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program (SAREP)
Wednesday, December 11
Farm Advisor/Specialist/Faculty Updates
8:10 am Powdery Mildew of Cucurbits - Jesús Valencia, Farm Advisor, UCCE Stanislaus County and Gerald Holmes, UCCE Imperial County
8:40 am Verticillium Wilt - A New Threat on Lettuce - Krishna Subbarao, Specialist, Pl. Pathology, UCD (US Ag. Research Station, Salinas)
9:00 am Economics of Weed Control in Iceberg Lettuce - Tim Prather, Regional IPM Advisor, Kearney Ag. Center
9:20 am Colored Mulches: What are the Benefits - Jim Stapleton, Regional IPM Advisor, Kearney Ag. Center
9:40 am Nutrient Behavior of Composts - Tim Hartz, Extension Specialist, Vegetable Crops, UCD
9:55-10:10 am BREAK
10:10 am Australian Applied Research & Technology Transfer Programs - Mike Murray, Farm Advisor, UCCE Colusa County
10:30 am International Conference on Vegetable Diversification - Vince Rubatzky, Extension Specialist Emeritus, Vegetable Crops, UCD
10:50 am Developments in Remote Sensing Technology
Environmental monitoring
- Mike Cahn, Farm Advisor, UCCE Sutter-Yuba Counties
Aerial imaging - R. Ford Denison, Assoc. Professor, Agronomy & Range Science, UCD
11:50-1:15 pm LUNCH - University Club
Alternatives to Broad-Spectrum Fumigants in Field Production
1:15 pm Weed Control - Milt McGiffen, Extension Specialist, Botany & Plant Sciences, UCR
1:45 pm Nematode Control - Becky Westerdahl, Extension Specialist, Nematology, UCD
2:15 pm Disease Control - John Duniway, Professor, Plant Pathology, UCD
2:45-3:00 pm BREAK
3:00 pm Alternatives to Broad- spectrum Fumigants in Post-Harvest Handling
Elizabeth Mitcham, Postharvest Pomologist, Pomology, UCD;
Marita Cantwell, Extension Specialist, Vegetable Crops, UCD;
Trevor Suslow, Extension Specialist, Vegetable Crops, UCD
4:00 pm ADJOURN

Please check the list of workgroup members for your name. If there are any changes or additions please email

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