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2000 UC Vegetable Crops Continuing Conference

December 6-8, 2000

This annual in-service conference for University personnel with vegetable crops responsibilities will be held at the University Recreation Pool Lodge on the UC Davis campus.

For more information or to register for the conference contact the Vegetable Research and Information Center at 530-752-1748 or

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Wednesday, December 6

Program Theme: Future Viability of Vegetable Crop Industries in California

Time Presentation
9:30 Registration/Refreshments
10:00 Welcome/Introduction - Michelle Le Strange

Economics: Trends, Opportunities & Constraints Facing the Vegetable Industry - Moderator: Michelle Le Strange, Farm Advisor

  • Future of Agriculture in California - Steve Blank, CE Economist
  • A Look into Tri-Valley Growers & other Cooperatives - Bill Allewelt, Former CEO Tri-Valley Cooperative
  • Produce vs. Product - Roberta Cook Canela, CE Economist
12:00 Buffet Luncheon

GMOs: Prospects of GMO Technology to Change the Vegetable Industry - Moderator: Richard Smith, Farm Advisor

  • Short Term: Herbicide Resistance - Steve Fennimore, CE Weed Specialist
  • Long Term: Disease & Nutrition Aspects - Kent Bradford, Vegetable Crops Dept.

TMDL's - Environmental Pressures Challenging the Vegetable Industry - Moderator: Tim Hartz

  • TMDL Regulation - Stephan Lorenzato, CA State Water Resources Control Board
  • The Orange County Experience with TMDL's- John Kabashima, Farm Advisor
  • Salinity Drainage Issues in the Central Valley - Steve Grattan, CE Water Specialist
3:30 Break

ANR - Retaining & Improving Our Presence in California Vegetable Crop Industries - Moderator: Jeff Mitchell

  • - Michael Reid, ANR Agricultural Productivity Program Leader
  • Will ANR vegetable crops programs remain relevant in the 21st century? - Mike Murray, Farm Advisor


Poster Session Set-up

6:00 Social Time
7:00 Dinner


Thursday, December 7
Workgroup Meetings and Vegetable Crops Programs

Time Title

Specialty Crops Workgroup - Mark Gaskill, Chair


Workshop: Developing a Website - Rob Kerner, Computer Programmer, Vegetable Crops

11:00 Vegetable Crops & Related Programs Update
Moderator: Trevor Suslow, CE Postharvest Specialist
  • Small Farms Program - Desmond Jolly, Director (tentative)
  • Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program - Sean Swezey, Director
  • Weed Research & Information Center - Joe DiTomaso
  • Seed Biotechnology Center - Kent Bradford, Director
12:00 Buffet Luncheon
12:45 Continued Vegetable Crops & Related Programs Update
  • C.M. Rick Tomato Genetics Reseach Center - Roger Chetelat, Director
  • Vegetable Crops Dept Update - Arnold Bloom, Chair
  • VRIC Update - Don Nevins, Director
  • Communication Services:
    • Publications - Wayne Schrader, Farm Advisor

    • Web Site Access - Claudia Myers, ANR Info Technology

Cool Season Workgroup - Louise Jackson, Chair


Processing Tomato Workgroup - Gene Miyao, Chair


Workshop: Developing a Website - Rob Kerner, Computer Programmer, Vegetable Crops

5:00 Adjourn


Friday, December 8

Workgroup Meetings


Warm Season Vegetable Workgroup (Cucurbits, Peppers, Fresh Market Tomatoes) - Mike Cahn, Tim Hartz, Michelle Le Strange, Chairs
Workshop: Developing a Website - Kitty Schlosser, Vegetable Crops


Alliums/Potatoes Workgroup - Ron Voss, Chair

2:00 Adjourn


Please check the list of workgroup members for your name. If there are any changes or additions please email

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